Integrated approaches to ceramic analysis and methodology
from a trans-regional perspective

NPAP Final Conference
Amsterdam, 11-13 December 2014

NPAP is an innovative archaeological research project started in 2007 in the Dept. of Archaeology at the University of Amsterdam. The research concerns mainly the ancient pottery of excavations and surveys in Italy (Satricum) in Greece (Halos, Zakynthos). The main aim of the project was to develop new methodologies in archaeological pottery studies for increasing the quality and quantity of the information that can be derived from a basic ceramic dataset. Perspectives from a range of traditions in pottery studies were thus combined and integrated, such as technological, stylistic and geological approaches. Data from other regions in Greece and Italy were also used and compared to increase the proportion of diagnostic material. In this conference the final results of NPAP material studies will be presented and specific research questions regarding the cross-regional production, distribution and use (consumption) of pottery will be addressed.
To enable a representative overview of current research in pottery analysis that encompasses also topics, periods and archaeological projects that are related to but are not the main focus of the conference, and to stimulate the debate between participants in a more direct way, a poster session will be held within the NPAP final conference. In particular, a focus on new methodologies and novel approaches in pottery analysis is strongly encouraged. For those interested in attending the poster session, please submit an abstract (c. 300 words) by the 15th November 2014 at npap@uva.nl.

Formatting guidelines

  • Portrait format, A1 size (841 x 594mm)
  • Easy to read from 2-3 m (min. 1 cm high for text and 2.5 cm high for headings)
  • Please select suitable images and do not use a picture as a poster background

Free registration at npap@uva.nl
For further information, please contact Dr. Maja Gori at M.Gori@uva.nl



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