Colette Beestman-Kruijshaar

Marijke Gnade

Jill Hilditch

Ellisavet Hitsiou

Dr. Elissavet Hitsiou is currently a lecturer at the American Center for Archaeology at Mycenae (ACAM). Elissavet graduated from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1993) and received her PhD from the University of Sheffield (2004). Since then, she worked as a visiting research professor at the Wiener Laboratory of the ASCSA, as an assistant professor at the University of Amsterdam and as an archaeologist for the Ministry of Culture in Mytilene. Within the NPAP project Elissavet was responsible for the research design of the ceramic analysis as conducted by the PhD students.

Laura Hoff

Laura Hoff graduated in Classical Archaeology at the University of Amsterdam. During and after her studies Laura worked as a pottery specialist for various archaeological projects amongst which the Satricum Research Project (UvA) and the Molise Archaeology Project (Leiden University) in Italy and the Geraki Project (UvA) and Halos Project (Groningen University, UvA). Within the NPAP project Laura worked as a researcher for the study on the Iron Age pottery of Halos, and was intensely involved in the design of a project pottery dictionary. Currently she works in Dutch archaeology as a materials specialist.

Ivan Kisjes

Heleen Knikman-Stoetman

Heleen Knikman-Stoetman graduated at the University of Leiden in 2000. Her masters thesis concerned a petrographic study of pottery from the Riu Mannu project (University of Leiden, University of Glasgow). Within the NPAP project Heleen conducted materials analysis of Iron Age and Archaic pottery from the site of Satricum, and was involved in the design and testing of the NPAP database. Currently Heleen works as an administrator at the Free University of Amsterdam.

Antonios Kotsonas

Eva van der Linden

Eva joined the project at 2010 to support the NPAP-members with practical matters like organizing meetings and conferences, financial matters, booking a flight, buying books and building the old NPAP-website. She graduated from the University of Amsterdam in 2000 and holds an MA in speech communication. She is currently working as a web editor.

Muriel Louwaard

Nienke Pieters

Martina Revello Lami

Abigail Rousseau

Abigail Rousseau graduated in Classical Archaeology (LU) and in Heritage Studies (VU), and holds a bachelors from UCL in archaeology. For NPAP Abigail conducted materials analysis of hellenistic pottery from ancient Halos (Greece), and took part in the design and testing of the NPAP database. Currently Abigail works as a policy advisor on cultural heritage and archaeology for the province of Flevoland, Netherlands.

Stepan Ruckl

Vladimir Stissi

Jeltsje Stobbe

Jitte Waagen

Gert Jan van Wijngaarden

Kim van Winsen


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